J & B Liquid Feed & Fertilizer Products

A full line of quality liquid fertilizers from Sure Crop and High Brix Agronomy Solutions.  Jerry will gladly blend these products to fully utilize and maximize your soil tests results for better performance. We will fill your tanks and you can apply or Jerry will come to your farm and spray for you.  We also offer soil and hay sample analysis.

We carry several biostimulant products which are used to  create a more active organic soil. They boost soil microbial activity and increase plant health, leading to fuller, greener, thicker plants.  Enzyme, Enforcer, Humate, and Sea Minerals are all available.

Pro-Energy liquid feeds are an excellent supplement  for all cow/calf operations. These feeds contain a vitamin pack as well as a proven probiotic.

Our most popular feed blends are:

  • Pasture gainer 20-5
  • Pasture gainer 18-8
  • Dairy and stocker blend 17-5

Our Western Livestock Minerals are specifically formulated to supplement the mineral needs of cattle in our general area. They supply the minerals and vitamins needed for optimum performance. Cow/calf minerals are available with different phosphorus levels, to compliment forage quality, pasture conditions, and other supplemental feeding practices. Medicated minerals are available with chlortetracycline added at either 4,000 or 5,600 grams/ton for the control of anaplasmosis and bacterial pneumonia. Stocker minerals for calfs with the addition of chlortetracycline and lasalocid (Bovatec) are a great benefit for weight gain in pasture stockers and feeder cattle.

This year we have added to our line of products, herbicides to control unwanted weeds in pastures and hay meadows.2,4-D amine, Pasturall, Remedy Ultra, Roundup, Grazon P& D and surfactants are in supply, and other products are available upon request.
Net Wrap & Hay Twine
48” x 9840’ and 51” x 9840’ (over the edge)
American made net wrap and baler twine.


Jerry & Barbara Hansbrough- Owners
1357 Polk 74
Mena, Arkansas 71953

Phone: 479-243-5608

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